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A Pensioner

date: 2018-10-06 19:38:55
Cost - £ 1440.00 for removal - £300 for hire van – Compensation for their mistakes NOTHING!! Not even a sorry!!
Finally, my husband and I have recovered, after the most upsetting and distressing, move we have ever experienced, and experienced we are, as we have moved 5 times in the past 7 years, in and around Scotland … All other moves were, ‘hard work’ but nothing more than you would expect, when moving a four-bedroom house. I so wished I had acted upon my gut feeling, I very nearly booked another company due to a disturbing lack of communication from DMG Direct. Many of my emails in the lead up to the move went completely unanswered. I only decided to continue with this company because of their cancellation fees and because when they finally did reply it came just days before our move.
I completely don’t understand why, when I had shown concern about extra boxes they never once suggested someone should come out and make an informed decision for themselves? Other companies did send someone to look at the amount that required moving and their estimates were not dissimilar to DMG Directs, however, as their website boasted “Removal specialists” “Let us take the stress out of moving” and being a significant move (distance wise) this is just what we wanted and were happy to pay for!
Amazingly DMG Direct, HAD moved us two years previously!! Without any mention of weight or problems with capacity… . DMG Direct actually moved us with NO problems whatsoever. ... same items ... identical move.... apart from distance. So, why could they manage our move the first time without any difficulties whatsoever but failed so badly the last time??? Simply because they brought the appropriately sized van the first time !!!!
When asking if chest of drawers needed to be emptied of their contents they replied yes, if that was possible, hence the suitcases and extra boxes. Their supervisor suggested, that instead of the 75 boxes that I had stated, there were 126 …. This was just NOT true, I counted them as I opened them and although, there were 93, many of these boxes were very small, examples of sizes of many of the boxes were 10”x12” - 15” x 5.5” - 13” x 13”.
Nevertheless, the removal men insisted it was not the number of boxes but the weight that was the crucial issue. Never once was weight mentioned as a crucial issue with them in the booking process, they had only ever referred to Cubic feet …that was until the morning of the move… Then all the supervisor could say was, weight just too much weight … Again, I ask, why was this never mentioned before? If someone had been bothered to actually, come out and see for themselves, this most awful day could have been avoided … My husband’s suggestion we leave the washing machine behind was met with total disdain … however the weight of a washing machine plus all the furniture we were now not taking, was definitely comparable to the weight and cubic feet space of boxes that the removal men refused to take on board.
The removal van allocated was clearly far too small for the job… so along with the 40 boxes that we moved ourselves, (tearing my shoulder ligament) our garden furniture had to be left behind.
The van had seriously rusting doors, was old and in my opinion, not fit for purpose and our possessions were left out in the rain during the loading with absolutely no concern whatsoever.

We were left totally in the lurch with 40 boxes, we had no choice but to hire a van and take them ourselves with all the logistical difficulties of arranging a van hire at short notice.… We are retired, in our 60’s and my husband has been seriously ill. This was just too much for us and I feel it very, very irresponsible of the company. The van hire cost £300 in total … moneys we would have gladly paid to a removal company, for a professional “Stress free move”. Nonetheless, if all that was not bad enough, what greeted us at the other end was indeed the last straw.
All furniture, boxes and suitcases had been clearly marked, saying where they were to go…. Yet MOST boxes were left in different rooms ... So, a box marked conservatory ended up on the top floor… Boxes and especially suitcases marked Top floor, were left on the first floor and in the garage! It was suggested the men couldn’t take stuff up to the top floor, because if was “Full” !!… I went up to see… someone, had placed the chest of draws at the opening to the dressing area, leaving plenty of unused space behind them….
However, what really broke my heart, was the damage done, to not only our beautiful furniture but also to the house itself … damage to the wood floor and bashes to the walls…and our beautiful furniture, scuffed and chipped and to add insult to injury … guess what!!! DMG Direct’s, Insurance does NOT cover damage to our goods or property at all … BE WARNED !!!

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